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Cherry is a magical shadow cat trying to gain a human form How he does this, you decide! Cherry is a very dense kitty. He will stop his story and ask you to help him pick where to go next, who to talk to, and possibly who to fall in love with! Will Cherry make the right decisions and gain his human form? Only you can decide!


» Hello!

Hello all!

Long time no talk... again...

Just so that you all know, I am still alive, just have been slow. I have the rest of this "chapter" sketched out, I just need to ink and color all of it. The next page I hope to have out by Friday the latest, tomorrow the earliest. If I get the next page out tomorrow, I'll make sure by the end of the week to have another one out since... well.. I feel bad for slacking all this time!

Cherry has plenty of other questions to ask you and can't wait to ask for your help again!

So please stay tuned for some more Cherry's Magical Adventure pages!


» Update

Sorry I'm taking a bit on the next parts!

I was hoping to do at least one page a night to get to the next "decision" buuut I got distracted by video games.

Hey, I hadn't played them in a while and needed to rot my brain a bit ^^

I'll get working on them this week and crank out another page or two.

thanks for the comments and favs so far though!


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