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So, I drew this three years ago... [Posted by Faydflowright on July 4th, 2017, 10:44 am]

So I was looking through my files and noticed that I never colored or posted this page for Cherry's Magical Adventure. So I took the time and quickly colored it and it's now here for you today!

I started this comic, goodness five years ago. I don't really have a desire to proceed with the story of this unless people really want more of Cherry and Ekee (which is the correct spelling of the made up name for her. I spelled it wrong in the earlier comics). If I were to ever continue, I would just do a brand new comic with an all new adventure and art.

This actually was a story which was a spin off to another idea where a girl gets pulled into a magical adventure with the same cast of characters (a total Shoujo story). This story just took the opposite side and focused on the magical characters and the totally under developed back story of Cherry at the time. It could be fun to make this spin off and turn it into another spin off, but then again I've got some other art projects going on. :) So enjoy this random page from me!


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